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I​’​ll Get You Yet

by Kobi LaCroix

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Somewhere up in the sky, the stars tell an ancient legend of a dog whom no-one may ever evade, and his relentless pursuit of the fox whom no-one may ever catch. He also occasionally gets hit in the head with an anvil. The gods find it hilarious.

This song was inspired by all those cartoons we would watch as kids where some nasty voracious predator would go to unreasonable lengths to catch some wiseass walking pot roast—er, poor innocent creature, only to be done in by their own hubris.


Graceful style and killer bite
Through the mist my eyes alight
Laser-focused on my chosen prey
Today’s the day
My calculations cannot fail
I catch your scent, I’m on your tail
I’ve honed each angle of my strategy perfectly

You think it’s easy, don’t you?
You think you’ll get away clean
Don’t underestimate me
I’m a creature of deadly means

I know what I want
And my heart is set on you
And what my heart’s set on I get
I’ll get you yet
I know what I crave
And I’m not gonna go home hungry
Pour the wine, my table’s set
I’ll get you yet

Keep on dreaming, stay in bed
You spend yourself into the red
And watch your fancy machinations start to fall apart
Making moves on me, you must
Be delusional; you’re just
Another drooling stinking carnivore, what a bore!

You think I’m easy, don’t you?
That’s just defeat you smell
You’re only good for running circles around
You ain’t got a chance in hell

I know what you are
And I’m sorry, that don’t impress me
Act wild all you want
But in my house, you’re only a pet
Watch out what you say
You’re gonna eat those words tomorrow
Choking down tears of regret
I’ll get you yet

Shot down once again
I can’t deal with this attrition
Wasting all my blood and sweat
I’ll get you yet
Just wait one more night
And I’m back in attack position
Cut the lights, fire up your jets
I’ll get you yet


released February 27, 2022



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